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Guard dogs and watch dogs help to protect private property, either inliving or used for patrols, as in the military and  security services. More about guard dog breeds.

Livestock dogs are dogs concerned with the protection and control of domestic livestock. As opposed to hunting dogs, which are involved in helping with attacks on other animals, livestock dogs, are dedicated to the welfare of their animal companions that are under their custody. They assist their owners by defending farm animals from thieves or predators, or by influencing the movements of groups of domestic stock. The two major categories are the livestock guardians (which are sometimes used as or considered one group with the property guard dogs) and the agile herding dogs. The breeds used for guarding and for herding tasks are usually different.

Hunting dogs
Hunting dogs include sighthounds, scenthounds, flushing dogs, earth dogs, treeing dogs, setting dogs, pointing dogs, decoy dogs, retrieving dogs and general hunting dogs.

Fighting dogs, when not just referring to dogs used for staged fights, have also been used in the service of man. Some war dogs used to be trained to take an active part in combat. Some hunting dogs need specific attack and defense techniques to be able to assist the hunter in the hunting of big game in particularly harsh conditions, as practiced in some parts of the world. More about ancient fighting dog breeds.

Military service dogs: merely used as fighting dogs in the past, used for defense and combat, military dogs gradually gained recognition as military service dogs. Through the centuries military dogs have been used in a variety of tasks, ranging from ambulance dogs, sentry dogs, messengers, patrol aids, for mine detection, sled and pack, and for special supply missions. More about military service dogs and war dogs.

Draught dogs, dogs used to haul loads, to pull carts and sleds, or turn spits or water wheels.

Barge dogs, basically combine three functions of boatman-companion, vessel-guarding role and vermin-controller. They have a special temperament adapted to living conditions in a confined environment, together with a pronounced sense for balance and a true watch and alarm dog instinct.