Getting Your Own Dog

The responsibility of the prospective Dog Owner

Finding a responsible breeder

So You Want an American Pit Bull Terrier?


The Critical Development Stages of the Puppy

Why socialise your Puppy ?


Dog training tips and links

Health and Care

Diarrhea & womiting: when to consult your veterinarian

Distemper: symptoms, risks and treatment of canine distemper


Dog Fleas

Ear Mites

Ear Care and Disease

Ear scratching and Head shaking

Parasitic skin affections: skin problems caused by parasites

Transferable Diseases

Canine Hydrotherapy: Choosing The Right Therapist


Practical genetics for dog breeders

Care of the Breeding Bitch

Feeding and Dietary Supplements for the pregnant bitch

Preparing the whelping area

Preserving quality and genetic diversity in a breed

Breeding Pitfalls

Breeding types: inbreeding, line breeding, out-crossing, out-breeding

Kennel construction

Dog Breeds and Groups

Designer dogs

Best dog breeds for families with children

Hairless dogs


Working dogs

Types of working dogs

10 Easy to Remember Tips for Responsible Pit Bull Owners

Working with Dogs

How to start a Pet Sitting Business

Dog History

History of the Molosser breeds

The Origins of the Mastiff
Canine Information


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Please note that some of the articles below where originally written with the bulldog in mind, but as they also apply to other dog breeds they have been included in this list of canine articles.