Excitable dog breeds are dog breeds with extroverted, outgoing temperaments that get easily excited.

Taking into account the excitability level of a dog breed is as important a factor as size or other characteristics that are usually considered when choosing a dog breed.
Excitable Dog Breeds
(Extroverted dogs,
dogs that are easily excited)
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Excitable dog breeds usually need moderate to active exercise and have a propensy to bark easily, without discriminating between important events (someone ringing at the door or attempted burglary) and minor stimuli. They have playful, outgoing personalities, but can also display anxious behavior. Excessive barking, jumping on people, uncontrolled urination, hardheadedness and other problem behavior related to extrovert or anxious temperaments are more often seen in these breeds than in breeds with a more laid-back temperament.

These dogs are attentive pets who love their owner unconditionally. They are just not as fit for families where barking could be a problem or where the dog is left alone for longer periods of time. The more these dogs are isolated, the more excited and therefore unruly they will be when they are finally let out.

It are often bright dogs who need a firm and structured, yet fun training. Most of these breeds are good with older children, but may be too rowdy for small kids.

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