Funny Dog and Puppy Pictures
Funny Dog and Puppy pictures   
Please send us your cute & funny dog pics.
The most hilarious ones will be posted on this page !

This is our e-mail (all breeds are welcome, but specify the breed as this is not always obvious from the picture !)

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William Wegman Puppies
2006 Wall Calendar
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Harley Sue... A COOL Puppy !
French Bulldog Challenger
Olde Bulldog Daphne
Peanut Produder
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Intellectual Dog
© EdgeFlow Media
Daphne celebrates Easter !
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The Positive Approach to Raising a Happy, Healthy & Well-Behaved Dog
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Tommy at 6 weeks of age
Photo: Nesha Radovic
We are collecting photos for the following upcoming photo galleries !

- "Professional dogs" (=dogs "reading" books, dogs with laptop, dogs with reading glasses, etc.)
- "Dogs on vacation" (=dogs with sunglasses, with beach-wear, with Hawai-shirt, on the beach, in the swimming-pool, etc.)
- all types of (Molosser-type, bulldog-type) dogs with babies and toddlers.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation !