Pug mixes:
Pug hybrids and puggles in particular, are among the most popular designer dogs.
Puggle, a beagle and pug mix, produces a playful and loyal dog, with a wrinkled snout and (often, but not always) the typical black mask of the Pug. Some Puggles do howl when they get very excited. This trait can be inherited from the beagle.

Read more about this popular designer dog, Puggles (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)

Puggle puppy
Puggle puppy Kenji
Photo: Steven Tan
The Canine Information Library
"Sammy", a 7 weeks old Muggese
(Maltese Pug Mix) 

Designer Dogs
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and other Hybrid Dogs
a chug, chihuahua-pug hybrid
puggle puppy chewing rawhide
Puggle Puppy
Photo: Scott Hebeisen

a Chug or
Chihuahua-Pug mix
Photo: Lise Gagne

Chug, a Pug/Chihuahua mix, 10 weeks old
Owner: Jen Heffernan
Compare Chihuahua (left) and Chug (right)
Owner: Jen Heffernan
a puginese, pekingese-pug mix
Puginese: Pekingese-Pug mix

Ori-Pei: Chinese Shar Pei-Pug mix

Pugese: Chinese crested-Pug mix

Pugland: Pug-Westie mix

Pugshire: Pug-Yorkshire mix

Pugapoo: Pug-Poodle mix

Pushon: Bichon Frisé-Pug hybrid

Muggese: Maltese-Pug mix

Chug: Chihuahua-Pug mix

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Muggin: Mini Pinscher-Pug mix

Buggs: Boston Terrier-Pug mix

Jug: Jack Russell and Pug mix

a Puginese, pekingese-pug mix
Marley, 7 months
Photo: Brittany Wirebaugh

3 year old Puginese Carsen
Owner: Beth Loftus

Pughasa: Pug-Lhasa Apso mix

Pugotte: Pug-Scottish Terrier mix

Brug: Pug-Brussels Griffon mix

Pug-Zu: Pug-Shih Tzu mix

Daug: Dachshund/Pug Mix
Pug Zu, a Pug/Shih Tzu mix
Pug-zu, Pug/Shih Tzu mix
Photo by Margot Petrowski
Molly, 9 weeks Pushon (Pug/Bichon Hybrid)
Owner: Emma Munnings

Mandy, a Norwegian Pughound
a Norwegian Elhound/Pug mix
Photo sent by Ben Ryker
Norwegian Pughound: Norwegian Elkhound-Pug mix

Mini-bulldog, Bulldog/Pug mix
Mini-bulldog Emma
Bulldog/Pug mix
Owner: Kristina Denton
French Pug
A French Bulldog and Pug cross is called Frenchie Pug.
French Pug, a French Bulldog/Pug mix 'Achilles' at 10 months old
For Chihuahua hybrids, Yorkshire mixes and Shih Tzu mixes and other hybrid dogs, see Chihuahua designer dogs and designer dogs.
French Pug Bailey
(French Bulldog/Pug mix)

(Complete Pet Owner's Manual)by Andre Calbert and Chelle Calbert
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More information:

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Designer Dogs(Paperback)
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Dogo argentino
a 6 year old Daug (Pug/Dachshund mix)
Pugin Terrier: a Pug/Cairn Terrier mix
Lulu, a Pugin Terrier
(from a fawn Pug mother and fawn Cairn Terrier father)
Owner: Melanie Higgins
TugBoat the Jug (Jack Russell/Pug),
13 weeks old
Owner: Sharon WaughSimcoe, Ontario, Canada

Miniature bulldog or Mini-bulldog: a cross between the Bulldog and Pug;

French Pug Louie
Owner: Karen
Ozzy the French Pug
Debbie Mcewan