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Black colored dogs are usually rarer than the other color varieties. From all dog coat colors, the black color is also the most fascinating and one of the few ones (together with white) that has been purposely bred for a specific function. In the Northern countries for example, the Black Norwegian Elkhound was bred as a separate breed since 1877 because its distinctive color helps the hunter see his dog in the snowy landscape.
In the first century A.D. Columella already recommended to use black dogs as guard dog "because this color is more intimidating in the daylight and at night blends in with the dark." When used as guard dogs, black dogs appear as a stronger deterrent than any other coat color. In self-reporting surveys burglars black or darker dogs appear as more dissuasive than other dogs.

Unfortunately, through folklore and mythology, black dogs are also associated with all kinds of dramatic events and suffer from what is sometimes called the "black dog syndrome". Whether it is due to superstition, negative association or fear, or because they don't photograph as well, or people think they look meaner or overheat faster in warmer climats, the fact is that black dogs are often the last to adopt out, for whatever the reason. Especially big black dogs are often stigmatized and harder to place than lighter-colored dogs. They are frequently passed up for adoption and on average spend much more time in shelters before being adopted or eventually euthanized.

That's why The Canine Information Library has decided to put black dogs in the spot light in this sub-section with the following wonderful black dog breeds (the list is not exhaustive !):
Black dog breeds (Dog breeds that come only or usually in black):
Russian Black Terrier
Swedish Lapphund (bear brown also exists)
Scottish Terrier  (brindle and wheaten also exist)

Black variety that exists as a separate breed
Black Norwegian Elkhound
Groenendael (Belgian Shepherd dog)

Black dogs that are a color variety within the same breed
Black Pug
Black German Shepher Dog (black, long-haired variety)
Black Labrador
Patterdale Terrier
West Siberian Laika
East Siberian Laika
Canaan Dog
Chow Chow
Hungarian Puli
Portuguese Water dog
Patterdale Terrier
Thai Ridgeback

Black with tan or rust markings:
Manchester Terrier
Lancashire Heeler